Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 9 2017

This email just came in from Matthew a couple of minutes ago.  Make sure you read his July 4 post as well below and check out the photos.

Woo! this week was awesome! So on Tuesday was our last p-day so i guess this one will be a little shorter i guess i dunno. But Wednesday we went up the mountain to do some awesome service as always to cut some grassy foliage stuffs.

When we got up there she wasn't there so we pretty much just went on a quick service finding trip which isn't hard to do because literally every one is doing something and you can always just jump in and help them. (that's what we do pretty much everyday, just today we were not in proselyting clothes and we actually had our machetes with us.) 

So we went to this one old lady's house where her relative of some sort was chopping down a coconut tree, so we helped him with that.  There is a rule for the missionaries that we are not allowed to climb trees specifically coconut trees, so we just get around it by chopping them down instead;) haha it was super good though, they really appreciated the help and we chopped it up in pieces and carried them to jungle for them. 

In return they showered us in Nuu (coconut) and ooch (banana) which was awesome. I can't remember what else exactly happened otherwise... (BTW Chuukese people literally do everything with machetes ~ cut grass, chop trees, wood, people, take apart cars and fix them, literally everything. I honestly would not be surprised if they used machetes in the hospital to perform surgery or something.)

Thursday- We had district meeting and I was pleasured to give a training on the talk and Jesus beholding Him loved him. Super awesome talk, I encourage all to read it. We also had an awesome beginning with a spiritual thought and white handbook and Ewe Ngun mi Fen a fakkun kuu netipach. After we began another exchange cuz exchanges are awesome. Elder Haduet came down to Neou with me and Elder Robertson went to Nantaku with Elder Ervien. Later that day we went to a member's house and they gave us food to take home because they thought that their son was coming home that day from his mission but he was actually coming home the next day, so they gave us a ton of food and told us to come back the next day for the actual welcoming home. So that night we chowed down pretty hard on some awesome fish, pork, kon, puda, ooch, pretty much every type of islander food.

Friday- we went out in the morning and taught an awesome lesson to a new investigator, and after we met with the Zone leaders on the road and the two returning missionaries, Elder Ichin and Elder Atkai. Elder Ichin served in Logan Utah and Elder Atkai served in Vanuatu speaking Bislama. Elder Kiapen taught me some Bislama so i was able to talk to him for a bit in Bislama. It was pretty cool. But we went to Elder Ichin's welcome home like we said we would and Elder Robertson and I were the guests of honor. Literally they served us before Elder Ichin. And all they were worried about was us and all Elder Ichin sat with us. haha its hard to explain but that's the culture of Chuuk for ya. They sang some awesome songs and they LOADED us up with food to eat. The picture didn't show it but we had our own table that had like 4 huge fish, rice, tipen and some other awesome island food. We were so stuffed we didn't really eat anything for lunch or dinner that day.

Saturday ~ was just full of a bunch of AWESOME lessons. Got a lot new people on date, found some new investigators and did some major work in our area. We also destroyed some kids in basketball which was awesome. If you have not noticed I love the word awesome and that's pretty much what describes everything here and serving a mission. Just AWESOME. I love it and there is absolutely nothing better that I could be doing with my time. Ugh typed words don't do anything.

Sunday ~ Did A LOT of walking to get investigators to church, but it was all worth it. After church we went around and gave the sacrament to people which is fun as always. 

Running out of time so im going to have to shorten things up a bit.

Talk to you next week!
Elder Zebley

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