Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 19, 2017

We didn't hear from Matthew on April 16.  Hopefully this coming week. We'll see.

April 2 & 9 2017

April 9
Alright this week has been good, And guess what!!! I have like no time again!

Transfers! andnndndndndnddnd....  I'm still in the same area! with Elder Kiapen! So its been 7 something months here with Elder Kiapen which is a new record in the mission for longest companionship! and with the way that things are going it is possible that I could be here with Elder Kiapen for the next 3 transfers until he ends his mission in August. But i dunno cuz of the new mission president coming in. (Matthew's new mission president who wiil arrive in June is from Hawaii ~ he was born and raised in New Jersey.)

There is a a lot of stuff that i wish i could say and tell y'all about but time does not permit, so y'all will have to wait until I get home, or letters get to you.. Anyways thank you for all all that you do for me! REMEMBER i like letters...

Oh we also may be hatching baby turtles.......

April 2
Check out those shoes ~ they wear clogs because it is so wet.
I have little time left but one thing that I really want to talk a little about is our Lord, Prophet, Priest and King Jises Kraist. This week I finish Jesus The Christ and the next day was Fast Sunday and literally the combination was just a spritual mindbomb! And it was AWESOME. 

What a gift we have to be able to study our Lord's life and be able to follow his teachings and ways in this modern day. Such a gift our Heavenly Father has given us for an example for us to follow. And let us all remember what He has done for us this Easter season, that we may also rise again and become perfect like Him through his atoning sacrifice.
Thanks my peeps, time is short so I'll talk to y'all next week maybe i dunno... 

Love, Elder Zebley