Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 2, 2017

Matthew only wrote very brief letters for the past couple of weeks. We talked to him on Mother's Day and he is doing very well and loves the Lord's work. Below is a letter he sent earlier.

So I can't remember what I wrote all y'all last week so I'll just talk about the last two weeks or this week.

So last week was a really good uplifting week! We had Zone conference with President Zarbock, which was awesome as always. Then we had District conference with all Chon Chuuk! I always love seeing all of the boats from the outer islands come in with all of the members and investigators. 

There was something like 20+ boats all moored up at the dock. there was 1024+ people that came to conference and it was jammed packed and it was awesome! We did the Medley of as "Sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman" and it was awesome! We made everyone cry and it was even more awesome.  The prophesies about the Isles of the Sea are coming to pass!!

Then on Monday we had P-day and the assistants came to Chuuk so we went on splits with them and that was guess what, it was awesome. On the way up to Wichap we drove past this house that was on fire and we were all like show time and we all flew out of the car and grabbed these containers that were conveniently right next a water tank. So we put out the fire and got to play fire fighter that day.

Tuesday was awesome with Elder McComb (the assistant) and then that night with Elder Carter and Elder McComb in our house that night. It was so much fun as always and we dined cuz I made some Chicken Sopas😎  

Wednesday I'm sure something happened but all the days are always a blur so I can never tell the difference. I did Try Tobun though, which is sea cucumber. It tasted pretty good but the texture was that of a rubbery gooey slimy booger kinda thing which made it a little harder to down... 

Thursday- we did some service with papa Soy-G  where we go out into the jungle and go collect firewood for him. We also are delving into the area called Garbage, where we got a sister out from the clutches of her family so she could go serve her mission. And they are still totally against the church and they make threats against us and the uncle has said some pretty.... dangerous things.... against us. So now by the power of the Holy Ghost we are going to convert them all.

Friday- Elder Ervien got arrested! and then thrown in jail! So we had to go break him out and it was pretty intense, but everything is all good now, moral of the story always have the registration to your truck when you hit a child ~ the kid was fine though.
If you want to read more about it just read in Alma 21:13-16 When it talks about Aaron being arrested.

Saturday- Im pretty sure that Saturday was pretty normal. Maybe.

Sunday- I went to Fono with Elder Robertson and did church there and that was awesome as always.  Then later in the day we went to a member's house and they were just digging up Epwuet, which is bread fruit that they buried over 1 1/2 years ago in 2015!  It smelled so bad, like some fancy cheese or something. So he gave us some and I took it home and pounded it for like an hour and it smelled soooooo bad. I'm pretty sure my nose is burned because of it. And then I cooked it for another hour and cleansed the house from the stench, but now my hands are stained with the like smell of... I dunno what. But I ate it like a champ that's for sure. When ya cook it, it looses it smell kinda so it is easier to down.

Anyway that was pretty much my week I think  I'm gonna go now. 

And hey what's with these wars and rumors of wars? I hear a bunch of stuff from the Chuukese about the US and the wars they are getting into and that like North Korea and China invaded Japan blah blah blah I have no idea what's real and not so if you would like to help me out that would be superb:)

With all the Love, Elder Zebley.