Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 26, 2107 Letter

Ran Allim amil,

With a new baptism, his companion and the branch president.

So this week was superb again! Its still more than impossible to explain what Chuuk is like unless you come to the islands of awesomeness themselves. and I would like to address the fact that I AM NOT IN GUAM!! or on an island off of Guam. I am in a different country (The Federated States of Micronesia) is one of the states there in Chuuk.

Anyway, this week Monday p-day, I already told you guys some of what happened but nothing really happened other than we had Family home evening with all of Mwan branch again and it was really good. 

P-days are awesome with our new schedule cuz they are a lot longer now, and we can actually do pretty much whatever we want and its awesome. We always play volleyball and basketball and pretty just go out adventuring, and do what ever we want and I LOVE IT. If we want to we can take a boat and go to the other islands and just hang out, but yeah, p-days are the BOMB

Tuesday- No Idea....

Wed- went on an exchange with Elder Boucher in his area (My district leader) he lives in my house though so nothing special other than just working in his area for the day. But he knows really good chuukese and it was another great learning opportunity for me.

Thurs- So Elder Holland came to our mission!! buuuttt us being on the islands in the middle of the ocean, he just stayed in Guam... so all the missionaries in Chuuk came in to watch the broadcast over the internet, but that didn't work either because it's Chuuk... soo we didnt get to listen to him:( We are now waiting for the broadcast just to get here by USB. But My Zone Leader got called to be Assistant to the President so he left for Guam that night and it was sad but super cool to see him have that opportunity.  

Fri- cant really remember...

Sat- not enough time...

Sun- Church, and Transfers! and I'm staying in Neuo with Elder Kiapen!

Matthew has a poster of a scene just like
this on his bedroom wall that we placed
there 5 years before his mission.

Matthew just had to be in the water to watch this
baptism up close. Yeah, right!

Anyway I'm sorry this is so short blah blah blah, no time cuz I'm in Chuuk...

With all the Love

Elder Zebley

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 12, 2017

Unfortunately Matthew is finding it difficult to write to everybody during this mission so he asked that we create a blog for him with his weekly letters and send out the address so everyone can see what is going on.  He is really loving his mission in Chuuk in the South Pacific serving the people and helping to build the kingdom there.  

E-mail from February 12

This week was superbly swell once again, and yes I did get my box! And to answer your concern about was happened to my sweet tooth is that yes that it's gone concerning how my body feels about it, but my tongue wants it for some reason. 

Every one in my house has enjoyed the sweets, but i enjoyed the beef jerky the most... but yes next time we can cut down on the sugar...  that doesn't mean no sugar just not an overload;) 

Matthew and his companion, Elder Kiapen, with a
 taught and baptized.
Yes, we are teaching many, many people, that's kinda why I don't say anything about my investigators because there is five billion of them! And it's awesome! The Lord is blessing the work in Chuuk and I'm loving It!!

Adventure wise, we had Zone p-day and Zone meeting this week so it took up Monday, Tuesday, and a good chunk of Wednesday. There also is this sister missionary that we have been trying to get out to start for her mission since December, but she wasn't able to go on time because her uncle was putting up a big fight (like if she goes he's gonna kick out her family and he has threatened us, the missionaries, so we had to watch ourselves around that area.) 

Anyway President Zarbock called me and commissioned us to work to get her out of here! He didn't care what we did, how we do it, but he wanted us to get her out of Chuuk. So we worked and worked with her and short story, it took 6 elders, (4 ZL's and us) and a member present, another Family, the Yangilos, to finally get her on her mission and she went! And it was super duper awesome to finally see her go!

Displaying IMG_2004.JPG
At the Moen LDS Chapel on P-Day
President Matasio (our district president) went fishing and caught something like 13 Mahi Mahi in an hour and a couple tuna and he just gave us an entire Mahi Mahi, and we took it home and cleaned it and I filleted it and made steaks out of it. It was SOOOOOO GOOD. Literally the best fish I've ever eaten. 

I'll send you guys some home in a box so you can try it. Just joking that won't work, because I'm gonna eat it all. Super good, I'll send you guys some pics.

We still don't have water so we are still working on that.

Anyway Chuuk is awesome and I'm enjoying it more than ever and snow can stay out of my life for now. It's been REALLY hot this week, like no joke over 100 with full humidity and a blazing hot sun, but I love it. There is this super cool big tree that throws these tufts of fluff and everyone just yells "it's snowing! Its Snowing!" 

Alright I don't really have much time so thank you for everything!  Keep me updated on the world and the work in the states!

Elder Zebley