Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 4 Post

This week has been super good! 

It has been a super calm and kinamwe week which was pretty nice actually for a change. Monday was P-day and then on Tuesday we just did normal proselyting  and I cant really remember what happened exactly... 
I'm pretty sure it was just a get to know Elder Robertson day for everyone in the area so that was always fun. Elder Robertson is from Canada, Alberta from a little town called Sterling. He is a newer missionary in Chuuk so he is still working hard and learning so he can get their language mastery. 

But I love him to death, so its awesome. He actually lived in the Neou house before when he was with Elder Anderson but then they moved out to another house for a transfer, but now he is my companion! So he's back in the good ol Neou house. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and I was able to give a training based on the talk by Robert D. Hales from this past general conference, called Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ and it is an awesome talk, so I encourage all to read it and live the principles it talks about. Then Elder Robertson stayed up in Wichap while Elder Ervien, my Zone Leader, came down with me to stay in Neou. One of my favorite things about being a District Leader is all the exchanges. I love having opportunities learning from other Elders and coming closer to them and helping the people in their areas come closer to God. 

While walking, we met a girl named Mare who is SUPER AWESOME and has come to church before and pretty much asked us why we haven't baptized her yet. This is just one of the cool moments of being a missionary, where you can see God's hand in doing his work. Haha i always thought she was a member sooo i never really expected her not to be. So hopefully she will be baptized within some time! Its super funny cuz she knows English and she wanted to be taught in English so any time we teach her or talk to her look like an idiot because I pretty much forgot English and then everyone laughs at me and calls me the missionary from America that doesn't know English.. great..

Thursday we just continued the exchange and had a BOMB lesson with the mother of a bunch of our investigators which was SUPER BOLD but with the Love of God felt through the Holy Ghost it was AWESOME. Having these moments where we as missionaries help others to open their spiritual eyes to see a little glimpse of Heaven is easily the best part of being a missionary. These moments happen all over the world, it doesn't matter where we teach the people, but when we devote our whole hearts to the work and love the people, that is when these moments will happen over and over and over again and it is AWESOME!
Friday was some service with a member where we just otot(ed) where we just cut pretty much everthing in sight which is always fun. We then got some well deserved ramen and rice, and of course some delicious coconuts. BTW coconuts in America stink. They are nothing like the ones here or on any other island. They are literally magical here. We also did some weekly planning which is always a blast... haha everything here makes you sooooooo tired so sometimes it is a  little tricky to stay awake for the whole thing... But weekly planning is super important because it helps us to plan and conquer the week in a more effective manner and help our investigators more.

Saturday I know something happened but I'm to rushed to try and think of it right now.

Sunday was fast sunday which are the best Sundays in the month by far. Its just an opportunity to come close to God through fasting and prayer like the sons of Mosiah talk about in the book of Alma.

And Monday again we had an short notice Zone conference with President Zarbock over Skype because he got a week extension to his mission and wanted to do one last one. So our day was pretty much filled with that which was awesome, inspirational, and emotional as ever. President leaves this Thursday and the new President, President Posten, comes in on Wednesday. So we are sad to say goodbye to our wonderful mission president, but the work must move on. With President K (some hawaiian name) getting sick, there was an emergency calling to president Posten. He got his call and about a week and a half later he entered the MTC to become our mission president.
An elder from another island brought me this huge conch shell that we turned into a horn and its awesome. He is from Tahiti so he is pretty skilled at this kinda stuff. He also wants me to visit him and stay with him for a bit after the mission so be jealous.

Anyway got little time so Ima log off!

Love Elder Zebley

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