Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017

This week was a good one! Nothing too abstract from normal life happened. 

This week I got Elder Kiapen's sickness or some other sickness and it was bad. I pretty much just had a headache and my throat was killing me and what have you but its gone now and it's all good. 
This week though I did go on an exchange to Wichap where a bunch of crazy stuff happens but those will be stories for after the mission... any way Wichap is super pretty but I couldn't take any pictures cuz it wasnt P-day, but I'm gonna head back up there next week so I can take a bunch of pics and what not and send them to y'all. 
On top of the mountain there are some bunkers and caves and some huge guns left by the Japanese that are super cool. There is a ton of history here from WW2 and it's super cool. There is just random stuff that you find in the jungle like a crashed plane, caves, guns or what have you. I'm definitely going to spend a P-day just going around exploring. I just wish I could go diving here cuz there are 64 sunken Japanese ships here and they are super cool! We talked to some people that have dove down there and told us about it.

Haha thats weird that Jack is in Lehighton, I keep on forgetting.  And yea you guys are getting closer to my kinda weather. In the jungle right next to our house there is something like spring peepers, and ah I love that sound. 

Oh and this isn't an immediate thing but I kinda want to try my hand at wood carving... there are some really cool things that come out of Chuuk that I will send home but I kinda wanna try some on my own if ya know what I mean. So if there is a kit or something of the sort for my b-day or something like that, that would be pretty cool ;)

With all the Love,

Elder Zebley

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