Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 13 Letter

I have little time again so I'm sorry but I'll give you a little synopsis of my week.

Monday - P-day and it rained all day so we just played and did stuff in the rain like little children and it was awesome.

Tuesday - District meeting, and Elder Kiapen got sick so we stayed in.

Wednesday - Elder Kiapen still sick.

Thursday - some guy got shot with a filipin near us so I took a pic for you all to see what happens here pretty much 24/8 (sorry if your squeemish or whatevs;)

Friday - Lots of indoors stuff cuz weekly planning, Elder Kiapen didn't feel well, inspections blah, blah, blah

Saturday - JM got Baptized! We have been teaching him for awhile and he is the Bomb diggity! He fits perfectly in with the youth here which are awesome.

Sunday - Pretty quiet Sunday for Chuuk standards...

This entire week I've been reading Jesus the Christ  and it is MIND-BLOWING. It gives you a whole and more complete picture of our Brother, Savior, and Messiah in such a way that cannot be explained. SO READ IT RIGHT NOW. No choice. 

Right now. I promise you that you will come to know Him better that ever before in such an awesome way as our Teacher and Mediator in this life.

Anyway, thank you for everything and everyone write me letters! It's a lot easier to respond when i can sit down and just write.

Livin' the life in the awesomest place in the world,

Elder Zebley​

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